Bildmarke: Future Food Forum

The Future of Global Nutrition –
The End of Hunger?

No human right is violated as frequently as the right to food. That over 800 million children, women and men worldwide still do not have enough to eat is one of the greatest scandals of our time. And the population of the world will continue to grow – from 7.3 billion at the present time to up to ten billion by 2050. This poses enormous challenges for agriculture, industry and all of society.

K+S Aktiengesellschaft wants to promote the exchange of ideas and strategies for combatting hunger and the long-term securing of global nutrition. That is why every two years, the international commodities company organizes, in the run-up to World Food Day (October 16), a FUTURE FOOD FORUM, which provides a platform for the most urgent questions pertaining to the future in the context of population growth and global nutrition. The aim is to promote active dialogue between central, national and international stakeholders drawn from politics, science and NGOs.

The next FUTURE FOOD FORUM will take place on October 13, 2016, at the AXICA congress and conference center in Berlin. Experts from a number of countries and various continents will discuss issues such as how the battle against hunger can be waged more efficiently, how international development cooperation can be improved or what contribution can be made by local agriculture and the food industry with modern production methods and functioning distribution channels at the local level.