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For a World Without Hunger

K+S invited international experts and forward thinkers, political and scientific stakeholders, NGOs, as well as experts in development cooperation and representatives of startup companies to the third FUTURE FOOD FORUM in Berlin.


Introducing the new Factbook World Nutrition

Securing nutrition is one of the world’s most pressing global challenges. Using graphics, our new fact book presents the complex facts about world nutrition in an easy to understand way.


Facts, Trends and Potential Solutions to Feed the World’s Population

On World Food Day, K+S and Handelsblatt are bringing the driving themes for securing sustainable food to the stage at the AXICA Congress and Convention Center in Berlin.


The Future of Nutrition – End of World Hunger?

One of the world’s most pressing global challenges is securing sustainable nutrition. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), every ninth person goes to bed hungry.


K+S Expands Activities in East Africa

K+S sees great growth potential in the sub-Saharan region that reminds of Brazil, India or China in recent decades. In Uganda for example, the use of fertilizers is comparatively low and crop yields are correspondingly marginal.


In Pursuit of a World Without Hunger

At the invitation of K+S, experts from the fields of politics and business, specialists in development cooperation and scientists met in Berlin yesterday for the second FUTURE FOOD FORUM. They discussed how to achieve the goal set by the United Nations of a world without hunger by 2030.


Nobel Peace Prize laureates to attend the K+S Future Food Forum

The FUTURE FOOD FORUM, which will be held in Berlin on October 13, 2016, will feature a host of eminent guest speakers, including the Nobel Peace Prize laureates Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Prof. Dr. Klaus Töpfer and Charles Ogang (World Farmers Organization), who are sure to generate lively discussions.


The forum for the future on global nutrition

K+S is organizing the second FUTURE FOOD FUTURE FOOD FORUM in Berlin on October 13 and is thereby offering a platform for the exchange of ideas and strategies for combatting hunger and the long-term securing of global nutrition.


Feeding the World: K+S is Part of the Solution

The struggle against hunger is making progress but given the growth in the world’s population, climate change and other challenges, it must be waged even more efficiently in the future.


Survey: Germans like to donate most of all to fight hunger

Germans like to donate most of all to fight global hunger.